From $0.01 to $0.50, Is It Still Possible?
YES, Because We Build the Product Before the Hype!
Current Stage
Private Sale
Target $170K
at $0,01/Token
what is World Winners Network?
Regular Members
Shop with exclusive discounts applied with the purchase

Get additional cashback as personal and donation money

Create and support charitable causes with the cashback

Get rewarded in tokens for activities in the ecosystem

Earn more by referring family and friends to the network
Get exposed to large audience and gain new customers

Invite existing clientele to join and earn when they shop

Retain customers by engaging with them free of charge

Laser targeted advertising in exchange for discounts

Improve PR results by being associated with charity
Get cashback when followers shop within the network

Support charitable causes with the generated cashback

Improve their public image when involved with charity
Improve ratings by executing our charitable causes

Find volunteers and funding for their own projects

Invite sympathizers and get cashback when they shop
Users' Monthly Activities, Turnover in Tokens & USD And Total for Charity
Tokens from the WinTo pool will be used for airdrops when entering a new country to stimulate activity in the ecosystem and boost the token circulation.

The pool will also be available as a crypto exchange alternative where all WinTo holders will have the preferential right to store and sell tokens to users of the World Winners Network.

*The token price in the pool will start from $.0.50 and then set at 10% above the exchange rate.
dedicated Team
with the right set of skills
Radoy koynov
Founder & CEO

Software developer and entrepreneur. Co-inventor of the technical patent for the network. Runs a successful advertising agency since 2003. Expert in Branding and Identity, Marketing Strategy.

Member of this ICO only
Stefan Staykov
Finance & Strategy

Leading expert in entering new markets and introducing products that increase profits and boost performance. Former advisor of major companies and governments. The finance director of the project.

Member of this ICO only
Danny Rusev
Business Development & Marketing

Involved in building the network of world’s most successful shopping community Lyoness International and Crypto enthusiast. Contributes to the business model, creates content and promotes the project.

Member of this ICO only
Kamen Todorov
Senior Graphic Designer, UI / UX expert

With 13 years of experience he is the creative mind responsible for the overall design of the World Winners Network and WinTo token sale as well as the marketing materials related to both.

Member of this ICO only
Blockchain & Back-End Developer

SEO expert and Senior Python programmer with many years of experience. Speaker at multiple events like Indit BlackHat and SoftUnit Conference. Certified blockchain solutions developer.

Member of this ICO only
Stefan Stefanov
Sales, Marketing & Investor Relations

10 years experience as a professional salesman and online marketer. Former advisor of recently succesfully finished GIFcoin ICO. Creator of the WinTo token sale structure. Investor relations german speaking market.

Member of this ICO only
Doichin Yordanov
Founder & CEO of DataStork

18 years of experience in all aspects of software engineering. Expert in highly scalable data architectures.

Associated with this ICO only
Crypto Enthusiast & Translator

He is very passionate about the WWN project and supports the implementation of the German content.

Associated with this ICO only
Milena Mardova
Expert in Advertising & PR

18 years of experience involved in multiple projects. Helps with the public relations and media campaigns.

Associated with this ICO only
Kaloyan Velkov
Process Optimization

His main abilty is to help businesses optimize their processes. A real time saver for the project.

Associated with this ICO only
Vassil Guenov

Founder of OrangeDot & President at NewCryptoBlock. Multiple successful ICO projects. 

Advisor of this ICO only
Vladimir Karolev

Former advisor of the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy. Entrepreneur, Investment Banker & Influencer. 

Advisor of this ICO only
Lora Dicheva

Expert in strategic marketing & media relations. Former Head of Marketing in bTV Media Group.

Advisor of this ICO only
Giorgi Topuria

Expert in Strategic Negotiations & International Business. CEO at Kepler Technologies

Advisor of this ICO only
Frequently asked questions

WinTo is a transferable ERC-20 compliant utility token deployed on the Ethereum network.

WinTo will be used for recording charity related transactions to guarantee transparency and no manipulations. The other purposes include, but are not limited to: identification, donations, voting, data recording, ratings, access to various services offered in the platform including buying advertising space as well as rewards for user’s activity.

Tokens can be acquired with ETH or BTC after completing the registration process on our website.

The minimum contribution is the equivalent to $50 and the maximum to $100,000.

You need a personal ERC-20 compatible wallet and not a wallet on some exchange. You can create one for free on

No, WinTo tokens are pre-mined and can be acquired by participating in the token sale or performing tasks when the platform is fully functional.

Due to the structure of our token sale we don’t offer any bonuses or discounts.

We have a very attractive affiliate program. More details can be found after completing the registration process.

We want to protect our contributors’ interest therefore the token will be listed on exchanges after there is a demand leading to price appreciation. This will happen not earlier than the launch of the platform and not later than the end of the crowdsale campaign.

If any, all unsold tokens will be added to the WinTo Pool. You can read more about the pool in the Whitepaper

It combines the advantages of Social Media, Shopping Community and Blockchain Technology connecting celebrities, their fans, business owners and nonprofits. All members interact with each other in a way that everyone benefits and support charity at no cost.

By implementing the blockchain we solve the accountability problem that even the major aids organizations have, we avoid fake profiles and manipulated ratings to build a trusted community and encourage everyone to be socially responsible.

As a decentralized data base recording all transactions, making them irreversible and publicly visible at a very low cost the blockchain technology is the only solution allowing 100% transparent donations.

Yes, all members including celebrities, business owners and nonprofits can create causes as well as contribute to others using the generated cashback or their own funds.

All currently active charitable causes and hot topics are visible in the specially designed channel of the app. The causes each user follows are also seen in their personal feed. The progress of every ongoing cause is displayed on our website/app and social media channels.

Besides recording all charity related transactions on the blockchain, we require the non-profitable organizations executing the causes to publish financial reports.

Whether the donations are in tokens or in fiat currencies we send 100% of the funds collected for the cause. Depending on the cause complexity the non-profitable organization chosen to execute the cause will keep between 3% and %5 for administrative fees.

Every member can print a detailed receipt for all their donations from the dashboard. Whether this can be applied for tax reductions depends on the country of residence.

We are based in Sofia, Bulgaria therefore all versions of the platform will be tested and launched here. The first targeted countries once we have a fully functional product are Germany, Italy and Spain. World Winners Network is a global project and Europe is just the beginning. We already have sympathizers from India, South Africa and Korea showing interest to partner with us.

As we have a large and ready to be engaged audience relying on the influence of celebrities, all size businesses are ready to offer discounts in exchange for the multiple benefits we offer. For more details please see “Building the Network” section of the Whitepaper.

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